About this Blog

After moving to NYC, I began to notice a myriad of strange and, sometimes, funny, events and people around me.  I talked to a few friends who are veterans of the city about these relatively frequent happenings that I couldn't help noticing.  Many of them told me that they had a similar kind of cathartic experience when they first moved to NYC, but had since become numbed to the rather incredible events happening night and day in the city. 

I thought that this phenomenon would at some point probably happen to me as well, which I found a bit sad, as a lot of the things I see everyday in the city, whether it be the crayon drawings of the homeless subway artist being sold for spare change from his wheelchair vantage point or just a child in Brooklyn splashing in a kiddie pool on a busy sidewalk, deeply impact me.  By the end of the day, all these tiny impacts fill me with a sense of wonder, but can also leave me feeling overstimulated and, on particularly bad days, somewhat hopeless. 

I started this blog as a way to share with the people in my life, and anyone else who takes an interest, the things one can expect to encounter living in Manhattan before I numbed to them.  Also, as a way to unload all of the stored up energy that accumulates in me from living, and particularly, commuting, in the city.  Undoubtedly, stories from my childhood and college days will surface, too.  Perhaps these can give you insight in to my sometimes obtuse and often over the top actions and thoughts.

I hope you find my stream of consciousness writing, lack of grammatical acumen and sardonic tone more endearing than annoying. 

"Here" I am saying, "Here, I boxed up a little piece of my ridiculous life experience for you to chew on."