Monday, March 28, 2011


This poem was written in the aftermath of a tornado that touched down pretty much on top of me while I was walking to meet friends at a bar in Queens.  I remember the sky turning a deep, surreal green color.  Suddenly, the clouds split open and I was hit by a torrential downpour.  I remember being literally lifted off my feet and slammed in to a brick wall as the 80 mile/hour winds hit me.  Thats right, as if walking in NYC wasn't crazy enough, now I have to worry about tornados. 

After watching a tree being literally uprooted in front of me, I found refuge in a nearby bank.  I remember being nearly as taken aback by the bank employees' niceness, (they allowed me as well as a few other people that were caught outside to hover, soaking wet, in their lobby) as I was by the carnage we were witnessing outside.  It was one of the most freakish experiences of my life.  If you want to know more about it  click below.

I look for my friends
In the faces of strangers
That hurriedly pass me,
Huddled in on themselves,
Wrenching through the city streets.
The storm, it follows me,
I can sense its metallic taste
On the labia of my tongue,
Just as I see the swift rain
Torrent itself in a windfall
Before me...
When will the beast,
That moves within it
Finally be satisfied,
I wonder,
When will I be permitted
To find my bit of peace.

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